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Paychex Security Investigation Unit Specialist I in Webster, New York

The Security Investigation Unit Specialist contains, investigates, and mitigates technological risks involving loss of client and employee data through accidental or malicious means. The SIU analyst works closely with Paychex Corporate Counsel, Public Relations, Human Resources, local law enforcement, and other agencies to protect Paychex from undue public scrutiny and legal actions.

  • Investigates and mitigates alleged data breaches to ensure Paychex data integrity and compliance with state laws.

  • Conducts malware analysis and reverse engineering as needed in order to secure Paychex assets and data integrity from breaches. The results are used to modify the security posture of the company from both a technical and policy perspective.

  • Conducts investigations into alleged computer fraud, analyzes data, and generates reports to comply with state and federal laws.

  • Conducts computer forensic investigations to refute or provide evidentiary proof of an accusation from outside and inside sources.

  • Performs internal investigations of wrongdoing in order to support Human Resources or Corporate Counsel research. Research is formatted and provided to Human Resources or Corporate Counsel for further action.

  • Investigates network intrusion attempts perpetrated against Paychex by internal and external sources to ensure data integrity.

  • Assists with security-related research to ensure that the department remains current in its understanding of new tools and technologies.

  • Provides the Security Investigation Unit with updated documentation surrounding industry trends, industry best practices, and internal procedures to assure the department operates in a consistent and efficient manner.