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J & J Dill LLC Diversified Crops Farmworker in Union, Illinois

This job was posted by https://illinoisjoblink.illinois.gov : For more information, please see: https://illinoisjoblink.illinois.gov/ada/r/jobs/7895039 Sanitation Requirements: For food and general personal safety purposes, all workers will be required and expected to follow common sanitary practices at all times. This is particularly critical when hand harvesting crops for human consumption.Employees are required to cleanse their hands by washing them thoroughly with soap and water after using the bathroom and before entering the fields for harvest activities or the packing facility for packing operations.Workers will harvest crops named in this job order. Workers will operate various farm equipment including trucks and tractors. Workers in this job order will not be involved with the packing of the employers crop.Agricultural Equipment Operation: Worker may operate equipment used in agricultural production, such as tractors and implements. Worker may manipulate controls to set, activate, and adjust mechanisms on machinery. Worker may attach farmimplements such as harvesters to tractors, using bolts and hand tools. Worker may load hoppers, containers, and conveyors to feed machines with products, using forklifts, transfer augers, shovels, and pitchforks. Worker may operate grading anddigging equipment. Worker may perform preventive maintenance and troubleshooting repair on equipment. Worker should inspect, observe, and listen to machinery operation to detect equipment malfunctions. Stay a safe distance away and do nottouch any moving part of a machine. Never try to un-jam clothes, ice or cardboard while machines are running. Do not stand between a moving tractor and implement. Never stand on the hitch. Always place chocks at the back of tires on a trailer.Never remove a safety guard. If a guard is damaged or missing, report it and do not operate the machine. Worker should notify supervisors when machinery malfunctions or is not safe. Worker may repair and maintain farm vehicles, implements, andmechanical equipment by adjusting, repairing, and servicing them. Any workers negligence, resulting in damage to any machinery or equipment, will be cause for disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Worker may mix specified materialsand chemicals, and dump solutions, powders, and seeds into planter and sprayer machinery.Bunch Beets, Kohlrabi, Dandelion (green and red), chard (red, green, & rainbow), parsley root, pickling dill, Kale (green red, lacinato) Collards, Turnips, Mustards (curly and flat), baby dill, Cilantro, Mint, Loose Beets (red golden, striped), Loose turnips(medium and large), Rutabagas, Celery Root, Black Radish, Salsify (black and white) and Pumpkins: Workers will harvest vegetables. Workers will bend and stoop to pick vegetables according to size, color, shape and degree of maturity and place intofield containers. Workers may carry full container weighing approximately fifty (50) lbs. and empty into field bin or load onto trailer. May be required to pull and discard culls as directed by supervisor. Pickers will take care not to bruise or scar produce.Workers will stand on feet for long periods of time. Workers are required to work in fields when plants are wet with dew or rain. Temperatures in fields during working hours can range from forty (40) to over one hundred (100) degrees.Field Maintenance: At the end of the season the works will perform post-harvest field clean up including removing plastic mulch. Workers will set up irrigation system, move, and take down irrigation system at the end of the season.