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Heritage Valley Fine Meats LLC Farm Worker Poultry Production in Stone, Idaho

This job was posted by https://idahoworks.gov : For more information, please see: https://idahoworks.gov/ada/r/jobs/1428325 The workers will begin by helping to construct the cages for the animals and then move into direct care and feeding of the animals along with preparing milling and mixing the specific ration of feedstuffs for the animal according to predetermined rations and scientific diet. The care of the poults which are Day old birds require around the clock care and attention paying special attention to the environment of the animals not to hot nor to cold. ensuring that water sources as well as feed sources are refreshed and maintained. The animals grow quickly andreach a maturity in as little as 8 weeks for some breeds. when the animals reach maturity they will then be processed or Butchered and made ready for use by the consumer. The process of butchering is not without its own unique operations and is not for the faint of heart or those that are particularly timid or grow attached to the animals. This process will repeat itself over and over for the course of the employment time