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Cosentino's Store Personal Shopper in Smithville, Missouri

Looking for individuals to work shifts from either 8am - 2 pm or 10am - 4pm. This is a great job if you love to shop as these individuals will be shopping grocery orders for our customers. No driving required.

Store Personal Shopper

Position Objective: Accurately shops groceries ordered online by customers. The Personal Shopper select all products ordered online, ensure all items are properly scanned and bagged with great care. Once the customer arrives for pick-up, the Personal Shopper will retrieve all the bags and items and place in the vehicle as instructed by the customer.

Reporting Structure:

Status: This is a non-exempt position.


The following is a list of any certifications, formal education, or training requirements for anyone in this position.

Essential Knowledge

  • A valid liquor license must be obtained prior to first day on the job (if applicable).

  • A food handlers permit must be obtained within the first 14 days on the job (if applicable).

  • Completion of ongoing training and development as listed on the Cosentino’s Learning Plan.

Non-Essential Knowledge

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is preferred.


The following is a list of the basic skill requirements for anyone in this position.

Essential Job Functions

  • Manage time efficiently to ensure order is ready for pickup within the time frame given.

  • Accurately selects groceries ordered online by customers.

  • Selects, ensures all items are scanned, and bags items accordingly to temperature hold requirements.

  • Presents to cashier with the proper form of payment.

  • Once the order is bagged, take to the storage area where all items/bags are affixed with labels. Update system on how may bags/items are in the holding area and in what storage units.

  • Lift, carry, and load groceries into customer vehicle.

  • Utilize proper bagging techniques to minimize product damage, maximize efficiency and reduce shrink.

  • Continually monitors incoming online orders to ensure prompt, on-time fulfillment.

  • Ensure the holding area is always clean and displays a professional overall appearance for customers.

  • Resolve customer complaints in a professional manner and recognize when it is appropriate to involve a member of the store management team.

  • Know and implement the Cosentino’s Customer Service Standards.

  • Know, comply with, and encourage other team members to comply with all health regulations, sanitation guidelines and safety procedures for your department and your store.

  • Know your store’s items, procedures and policies so that you can accurately and courteously answer customer questions.

  • Able to operate, clean and maintain all equipment safely and competently.

  • Meet or exceed productivity standards to produce desired team and individual results.

  • Demonstrates the strong verbal and interpersonal skills necessary for positive customer and peer interactions.

  • Demonstrates the basic math and reading skills required for the position.

Non-Essential Job Functions

  • Promote sales by suggesting additional products or services.

  • Return customer’s unwanted items to the shelf or the department to be re-stocked.

  • Support your company by completing additional tasks identified by management, assisting other stores or departments as needed and gaining new skills when necessary.

Physical Abilities

The following physical movements could potentially be part of any scheduled shift and employees will be expected to perform these actions while on duty.

Essential Abilities

  • Reaching overhead with both arms, twisting at the waist and lifting objects with both hands weighing up to 15 lbs.

  • Pushing and pulling grocery items & carts to the proper locations as needed, up to a peak force of 20 lbs.

  • Standing and walking for long periods of time on tile, asphalt, concrete or other hard surfaces.

  • Occasionally lifting and carrying up to 30lbs., to a height of 36 inches.

  • Bending and squatting, at times all the way to floor level.

Non-Essential Abilities

  • Climbing a ladder, possibly up to 15ft.

Core Competencies

The following is a list of overall competencies identified for this role. This profile is based on the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for the position.

Customer Focus

  • Meets or exceeds the service expectations of internal and external customers.

  • Accepts customer feedback and uses it to make improvements in products and services.

  • Decisions, actions and behaviors reflect a priority on the customer’s needs.

  • Interactions with customers are courteous, respectful, and follow the Cosentino’s Customer Service Standards.

Integrity and Trust

  • Behaviors demonstrate a direct, truthful manner that portrays trustworthiness in all professional interactions.

  • Presents the unvarnished truth while still maintaining a courteous, polite demeanor.

  • Respects the privacy of others and avoids gossiping behaviors that break down working relationships and deteriorate trust.

  • Admits mistakes, avoids blame-shifting, and is accountable for actions in the workplace.

Interpersonal Savvy

  • Relates well to all kinds of people.

  • Builds rapport with customers and coworkers while still demonstrating appropriate professional boundaries.

  • Maintains constructive and effective relationships with peers and customers.

  • Uses diplomacy and tact to diffuse even high-tension situations comfortably.

  • Effectively resolves conflicts or other difficult interpersonal circumstances in the workplace by using appropriate means and resources.

Adaptable Learning Style

  • Learns quickly when faced with new procedures, problems or other changes.

  • Open and adaptable to changes in the workplace.

  • Learns from both successes and failures in the learning process in order to keep developing in the workplace.

  • Quickly considers all angles of a situation to identify solutions and problem-solve challenges.

  • Eager and willing to tackle tasks and projects that require learning new skill sets or gaining advanced knowledge.

  • Looks for new opportunities to develop professionally and keep skills and knowledge fresh.

Results Oriented

  • Known as the type of person to “step up to the plate” to get things done.

  • Responds to tasks, projects or requests with a sense of urgency.

  • Shows the follow through and drive to complete projects or tasks even when challenges or unforeseen obstacles are presented.

  • Demonstrates an eager and willing attitude when asked to participate in new projects or tasks.

  • Able to anticipate problem areas and possible solutions for improvement.

  • Functions well as part of a team, but can also act independently when necessary, to “get the job done”.

  • Demonstrates required skills in a manner that produces desired results.

  • Follows company policy and procedures in order to achieve maximum results.

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