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NorthPoint Director, Import Operations in North Kansas City, Missouri

Director, Import Operations

  • North Kansas City, MO

  • We’re looking for an operationally focused, no-BS, financially literate, strategically proficient, easy-to-work with, action-oriented Director, Import Operations to lead the Import Operations Team at our rapidly transforming and fast-growing logistics business, helping us to evolve and scale the business, radically redefining our processes as we continue to maintain our high-performance, values-oriented culture.

This vital leadership role will provide strategic leadership, focus, and guidance for our import operations team, as well as assisting with cross-functional improvement initiatives, the growth of existing client relationships, and the acquisition of new clients.

You’ll rapidly shift between strategic and tactical, articulating and executing clear and cogent strategies to improve operational performance, manage customer service concerns, identify technology constraints, and deliver optimized logistics solutions and unparalleled customer service to the client.

You’ll be in the weeds, identifying and addressing issues with a single container shipment, determining why it’s not moving in a particular port or addressing a single piece of documentation – and minutes later, you’ll be at the proverbial 30,000-foot view, identifying strategic options for clients to minimize their supply chain cost, maximize value, and optimize speed.

You’ll lead a team of capable and qualified operators, delivering world-class customer service and ensuring that our integrity and values-orientation shines through in every aspect of your team’s performance. You’ll help to evolve and grow our culture, maintaining the core principles which have guided us while simultaneously helping your team to embrace the change which invariably accompanies rapid expansion.

Finally, you’ll be a servant leader in the truest sense of the word, not just the buzzword it has become, placing the needs of your team above your own, ‘eating last,’ and helping to create tomorrow’s leaders of our organization.

About You:

  • You’re a values-centered person with a relentless focus on leadership, growth, and service.

  • You have grit and an unwavering emphasis on changing the status quo, feeling the wind in your face, and achieving results no matter the situation.

  • You love to interact with others, developing solid relationships with stakeholders both in and out of the organization, and maintain a positive attitude in the face of rapidly changing circumstances and adversity.

  • You’re impeccably detail-oriented, are highly organized, and can both offer and accept help when the situation calls for it.

  • Your analytical skills are above reproach – you relish the opportunity to dive into a situation, see it from multiple angles, and create a plan to solve the problems.

  • You recognize that a plan is only as good as its execution, and you love to implement, not only to strategize.

  • You build relationships everywhere you go, understand how to move over, under, around, and through adversity, and are relentlessly focused on delivering top-tier outcomes.

  • You can succeed in a ‘white space’ environment, navigating the ambiguity of a rapidly growing and evolving business with aplomb, and creating systems and processes to refine that ambiguity.

  • You’re a strong leader, capable of facilitating discussions, ably wielding analytics, and dispassionately evaluating the landscape while passionately advocating for change.

  • You have a demonstrable and consistent track record of outstanding leadership performance in logistics, international business, management consulting, or a related field.

  • You’re tech-savvy, and appreciate the role that technology can play in delivering outcomes to address client needs.

  • You possess a strong and capable business acumen, capable of analyzing both operational concerns and financial reporting in an effort to establish and address root cause.

  • You embrace the challenges of the international freight forwarding industry, celebrate the chance to lead an incredible team of professionals, and relish the day-to-day opportunities to help your clients.

  • You’re experienced with process improvement, can speak the language of statistical process control, and understand how to manage and reduce variability.

  • Your clients are thrilled to work with you, value your insight, and can’t wait to bring their challenges to you to get your perspective.

About Us:

NorthPoint Logistics is a values-based full-service international freight forwarder, customs broker, and domestic freight broker. Headquartered in Kansas City, our rapidly growing team offers logistics management services and systems which centralize provider networks, automate shipment planning and tracking, and provide world-class service and expertise to help our clients navigate the uncertain waters of supply chains around the world. With our sister companies within the NorthPoint family, we provide an end-to-end supply chain solution, and our understanding of foreign markets, international trade, domestic transportation, and supply chain optimization is built upon years of operation across the continent and the globe. Our values orientation, commitment to data-driven decision-making, and relentless drive to optimize and innovate truly differentiate us in the marketplace.

What Comes Next:

We believe fervently in the power of data-driven decision-making and are committed to understanding and appreciating the whole applicant, not simply what’s on a resume. During our interview process, we’ll ask you to take several assessments, and we hope you join us in appreciating the value of such a process. We’re excited to meet with you and look forward to learning more about you and what you will add to our culture, values, and team.