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HERC: Metro New York & Southern Connecticut Research Assistant 2 MS in New Haven, Connecticut

Employer Name: Yale University

  1. Researches and collects data through complex laboratory/scientific experiments, techniques, and procedures; library research; structured interviews; or through other means for research projects. Interprets, synthesizes, and analyzes data using scientific or statistical techniques. 2. Modifies and plans research experiments, procedures, tests, or survey instruments. Assists in research design. Writes and edits material for publication and presentation. Reports on status of research activities. 3. Oversees and instructs research and support staff on technical procedures, equipment operation, and laboratory maintenance. Schedules and coordinates research activities. Sets up, operates, and maintains laboratory equipment and apparatus. Modifies equipment according to experimental specifications. 4. Orders and maintains inventory of supplies. May monitor hazardous work areas and laboratory safety. Prepares related reports. May prepare financial information and monitor budgets. 5. Performs additional functions incidental to research activities. Required Skill/ability 1: Excellent lab bench skills. Required Skill/ability 2: Highly-organized and self-directed, with the ability to work independently and efficiently. Demonstrated ability to also work in a team. Required Skill/ability 3: High degree of reliability and attention to details. Required Skill/ability 4: Strong English-language written communication skills, needed when sending emails to the lab group. Preferred Education: Experience in working with phages and/or biosafety level 2+ (BSL2) bacterial pathogens. Work Week: Standard (M-F equal number of hours per day) Posting Position Title: Research Assistant 2 MS University Job Title: Research Assistant 2 MS Preferred Education, Experience and Skills: Experience in working with phages and/or biosafety level 2+ (BSL2) bacterial pathogens. Two years of related work experience in the same job family and a Bachelor's degree in a related field; or an equivalent combination of experience and education.