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HERC: Metro New York & Southern Connecticut Clinical Technologist 3 in New Haven, Connecticut

Employer Name: Yale University

  1. Leads a unit or function, including overseeing and coordinating projects or work processes, and distributes the work of a minimum of two full time employees. 2. Performs laboratory tests and procedures in various areas. Records results and interprets and analyzes results of tests and procedures. 3. Tests for and ensures quality control of slides, specimens and cultures. Sets up, operates and maintains laboratory equipment. 4. Monitors, measures, identifies, investigates, reports, and resolves quality concerns and/or opportunities. Participates in and contributes to the development of new policies and procedures. 5. Oversees and instructs support staff. Serves as a source of information on specialized laboratory techniques and equipment operation. 6. Prepares specimens, tissue, bodily fluid samples, and other matter for analysis and diagnosis using specialized laboratory techniques. 7. Stains and mounts slides, prepares specialized solutions and media; and cultures tissues. 8. Develops and modifies laboratory techniques and procedures. Orders and maintains inventory of supplies. May photograph specimens and other matter and develop film. 9. May perform other duties as assigned. Posting Position Title: Clinical Technologist 3 Required Skill/ability 1: Perform specialized clinical technology duties for long-term procedures, requiring a high degree of independent decision making and independent actions. Work Week: Standard (M-F equal number of hours per day) University Job Title: Clinical Technologist 3 Required Skill/ability 2: Perform assignments in the Ob/Gyn IVF laboratory that involve preparing oocytes and sperm samples; providing necessary conditions for fertilization and embryo development in vitro; observing and assessing embryos while facilitating growth, transferring, and cryo-preservation of human embryos. Two years of related work experience in the same job family and a Bachelor's degree in a related field; or an equivalent combination of experience and education.