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Georgia Department of Revenue Bridge Maint Unit-ETM120: Mgr 1, Civil Engineering PG: O (State Bridge Inspection Engineer) in Fulton, Georgia

Bridge Maint Unit-ETM120: Mgr 1, Civil Engineering PG: O (State Bridge Inspection Engineer) Description * JOB SUMMARY: * Manages the engineering plans, designs, costs and the coordination of new transportation construction and/or maintenance activities. Serves as group leader over professional engineers. * POSITION SPECIFIC DUTIES: * + Serves as assistant to the State Bridge Maintenance Engineer. + Under limited direction, provides detailed guidance to assist section managers and to implement established departmental policies within Bridge Maintenance. + Directs the inspection and inventory of all public bridges. Directs the load rating capacities of all public bridges. + Reviews designing and detailing of salvaged steel beams bridges; designing and detailing Bridge Maintenance Projects; review shop drawings. Designs and details bridge repair details and provides technical assistance to the district bridge maintenance foreman and/or assists and advises local governments on their bridge maintenance needs. + Plans and schedules work to meet regulatory completion dates. Perform and report project cost estimates, evaluate progress and results of unit, and recommend major changes in procedures or objectives. + Prioritizes bridge maintenance activities to be performed by the districts. Prepares, negotiates, and processes contracts and task orders. + The physical office is located at the TMC, Atlanta-Georgia. + This position may require travel (training and responding to emergencies). All travel expenses (rooms and meals) will be reimbursed. + This position may need to respond to bridge related emergencies (floods, bridge hits) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will receive a GDOT cell phone. + Normal work week is 5 days with 8 hours to a day. * MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS * * The selected candidate must meet the advertised minimum qualifications to include State Entry Qualifications as well as Agency Specific Minimum Qualifications * * STATE ENTRY QUALIFICATIONS: * + Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or civil engineering and technology from an ABET-accredited college or university AND five years of related experience and demonstrated experience in a lead worker or supervisory role. + Note: Professional Engineering (PE) license required. * AGENCY SPECIFIC QUALIFICATIONS: * + Ten years of bridge design experience and demonstrated a minimum of 3 years’ experience in a lead worker or supervisory role. + Extensive knowledge of National Bridge Inspection Standards. + Ability to manage section managers in charge of the inspecting, and inventorying, or load rating of bridges and designing and detailing plans/details, or cost estimates and contracts. + Ability to coordinate the planning and scheduling of work to be performed by staff and other Departmental personnel. + Ability to resolve problems relating to bridge inspection and inventory, bridge and culvert repair, joint replacement, bridge painting, and other structure related maintenance. + Addresses a variety of situations from the proper perspective and with sound judgment. + Ability to develop a close working relationship with Departmental, State and local government officials while maintaining a professional engineering environment. + Ability to adapt to change i.e. new information, policies, procedures, methods, conditions, and implements these changes to the bridge inventory operation. + Ability to apply innovative solutions to make organizational improvements. + Capability to develop or implement work processes to ensure that operations conform to recognized policies and procedures. + Ability to provide leadership to the work unit. + Committed to providing quality customer service. + Demonstrated ability to manage the input, storage, and retrieval of bridge data and inventory information from various information systems. + Ability to allocate work to employees by matching their skills and abilities against the requirements of the work to be done. + Ability to manage a diverse workforce comprised of office + Ability to visualize Department trends, needs, and developments, and uses this information to modify and/or create policies relating to bridge maintenance of structures. + Ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts in scheduling, priorities, personnel matters, contracts, etc. + Ability to stay up to date with policy and procedures, environmental aspects, and political issues that could have an effect on the Department. + Ability to receive input from others and takes into account their needs and objectives when making decisions. + Capability to prepare a budget for the work unit. _ IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL GDOT JOBS _ The interview is just one part of the overall selection process and is not the only criteria used to make the final selection. In addition to the interview, the final selection is based on the applicant’s work history and performance (documented in HR and/or Office files), PeopleSoft/employee status (i.e. rehire code), employee performance reviews, personnel file review (HR & Office Files), criminal background check, employment reference checks (including references and commendations from Managers and other relevant documentation) and, for supervisory positions, demonstrated leadership skills based on past and current work history will be considered. _ Good Employment Standing: _ In accordance with the Interview and Selection Process (ISP), an applicant must have no active disciplinary actions to be in good employment standing. Actions that may disqualify an applicant include letters of reprimand (active for 12 months after issuance date); suspension without pay or disciplinary demotion (active for 12 months from the effective date); Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) and Leave Restriction Plans (active until 12 months after the date of conclusion). In addition, an employee must have an overall ePerformance rating score of three (3) or higher on their most current evaluation. Please note that Memorandums of Concern are not considered disqualifying factors. Human Resources may remove any employee from consideration for selection who is pending a disciplinary action; however, if the action is resolved in the employee’s favor, he or she will be allowed to compete. THIS IS AN INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL JOB ANNOUNCEMENT THIS IS AN UNCLASSIFIED POSITION. THE SELECTED APPLICANT FOR THE POSITION WILL BE SUBJECT TO A REFERENCE CHECK AND CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK, WHERE APPLICABLE PLEASE INCLUDE ALL RELEVANT JOB INFORMATION ON THE APPLICATION FOR CONSIDERATION. ALL APPLICATIONS WILL BE PRESCREENED. UPON PROMOTION, THE SELECTED CANDIDATE WILL RECEIVE 10% or THE GDOT JOB SPECIFIC MINIMUM SALARY, WHICHEVER IS GREATER. * GDOT IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER* Qualifications Bachelor's degree in civil engineering or civil engineering and technology from an ABET accredited college or university AND five years of related experience and demonstrated experience in a lead worker or supervisory role. Note: Professional Engineering (PE) license required. Job Engineering Primary Location GA-Fulton-Atlanta Shift Day Job Number of Openings 1 Job Posting Apr 7, 2021 Closing Date May 21, 2021 Job Number: ENG00J6