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HERC: Metro New York & Southern Connecticut Research Technician B in Einstein/Resnick - Bronx, New York

Employer Name: Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Our laboratory studies change in the cellular glycosylation associated with tumor progression, metastasis and resistance to targeted therapy. My research combines molecular biology, biochemistry and systems biology to identify meaningful glycosylation signatures of various cancers such as melanoma and prostate cancer.We use a powerful combination of methods, including cutting edge glycomic techniques such lectin array, mass spectrometry, glycogene data mining of clinical samples of cancer, in vitro/in vivo functional screens and in vivo mouse models of metastasis. Procedures include: Culture and maintenance of cancer cell lines (melanoma and prostate cancer), Cloning, knockdown/knockout generation and ectopic expression of genes SDS electrophoresis and Western blot In vitro cell proliferation and invasion assays Preparation of cells for in vivo injection and subcutaneous injection in mice Animal monitoring for clinical signs primary tumor growth measurement, IVIS imaging Mouse - Tissue Collection The person will: Perform a moderate number of simple or moderate technical procedures; Require occasional guidance; Occasionally be responsible for ordering routine supplies; Rarely modify technical procedures; Rarely train other lab members; Rarely guide other lab members; A simple / limited understanding of scientific literature and the research goals and rationale is required; Occasionally analyze data; Rarely interpret data; Rarely make written contributions to papers and grant proposals.* *May not be applicable.