Peabody Illinois Services LLC (0005, 0050, 00 Operator UG in Coulterville, Illinois

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Operator UG


Job Summary/Essential Functions:

Operate underground mining equipment in production and support activities.

Install, move, clean, operate and maintain conveyor belts and associated equipment.

Install and move power distribution equipment.

Install and maintain ventilation devices.

Install and maintain pumping equipment.

Load, deliver, unload and distribute supplies and parts.

Assist coworkers in any or all of the above.

Special Skills or Qualifications:

Must have at least twelve (12) months underground coal mining experience.

Must have demonstrated operating skills on at least two pieces of section equipment. (Continuous miner, roof bolter, haulage equipment, scoop - one of which must be either a continuous miner or roof bolter.)

Must be knowledgeable of State and Federal mining regulations pertaining to underground mining.

Must have Certification of Competency (Face Papers) or Miners License issued by t