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Advanced Health Services (a subsidiary of Delta De IT Release and Project Manager in Boise, Idaho

This job was posted by https://idahoworks.gov : For more information, please see: https://idahoworks.gov/ada/r/jobs/1428908 As a Release Manager/Project Manager for Advanced Health Services, you will be responsible for planning, scheduling, and controlling the company's software delivery and deployment processes and managing IT projects.Leveraging Kanban and other agile principles, it will be your responsibility to ensure that each ticket received is correctly handled and worked within our SLA, and that items are passed into the development cycle in the correct order of priority. Once in the development cycle, you will continue to monitor progress to ensure each item correctly completes quality assurance testing and user acceptance testing prior to deployment. You will work closely with Business Analysts, Software Developers, QA Analysts, our customers, and other stakeholders to ensure proper communication and coordination occurs between the teams throughout this process. You will utilize release management tools to manage each release and keep your stakeholders informed about the timeline and scope of each release.Additionally, you will have the opportunity to manage projects for the organization and/or our customers, and in some cases, multiple projects concurrently. This will involve working with co-workers within AHS as well as representatives and project team members from a variety of customer business departments to ensure each project is well-coordinated and well-executed.You should be a self-motivated individual capable of working successfully independently and within a team. Your ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with co-workers, customers, stakeholders, partners and vendors is critical, as is your understanding of Agile development principles. The ideal candidate will possess prior experience within the health care industry, and prior experience working with integrated enterprise-level systems.Standard schedule will be Monday-Thursday 9 hours, Friday 4 hours.Essential FunctionsEnsure the timely deployment of software fixes and enhancements.Identify risks that can impact the schedule or quality of a release and manage them.Track the progress of each release cycle and identify issues, if any. Always work to improve the process of release.Ensure that each release is planned, coordinated, and communicated with all appropriate parties co-workers and stakeholders.Lead and facilitate the activities for successfully deploying the software.Monitor, track and report on project-related tasks to ensure proper communication and collaboration between project team and stakeholders.Team up with relevant development team members responsible for building the automation tools used to develop and deploy the software.Maintain documentation related to procedures on build and release, various notifications lists, and dependencies.Make improvements in the methodologies used for configuration management and development of software that helps to find ways to use in configuration management.Demonstrates a commitment to the organization's core values, code of ethics, and compliance/security standards.Other duties as assigned.